Supermarket in-store bakeries

Supermarkets use BakePlan to cut waste, improve quality and increase basket spend in their in-store bakeries.

BakePlan tells in-store bakery staff the best combination of products to bake at the right times of the day. BakePlan’s predictive powers work equally well with in-store bakeries that bake from scratch as well as those that bake from frozen and those that do both.

BakePlan is a cloud-based solution that works well with SAP or any other ERP system. 


Cut bakery waste

BakePlan analyses historical/live sales and usage data to calculate production waves throughout the day in a way that is not practical manually. Staff assumptions about consumer preferences (i.e. trade offs/most preferred alternatives) are corrected and each production wave is optimised for maximum potential sales. This can cut waste by at least 20%.

BakePlan stops staff from overreacting to perceived trading patterns. For example, croissants are selling well so staff might double the amount they are supposed to bake off when, in fact, they should only increase production by, say, 30%. This leads to high waste. Similarly, there is an industry-wide tendency to finish all production as early as possible in the day in order to clean up and “tick off” the job. However, this works against the need for “little and often” production to minimise waste and optimise freshness.

With BakePlan, staff are reined back from an instinct to bake too many products in the morning wave. Live sales data is used to adjust production throughout the day. This means that the final wave of the day, for example, does not consist of mainly surplus goods.

Similarly, staff have a tendency to blindly follow old-style static production plans, paying no attention to actual trading patterns. An unresponsive, static plan may tell them to bake 100 croissants, so they do — even though sales are unexpectedly low that day. The result is high waste. By using live sales data throughout the day, BakePlan prevents this type of surplus production.

BakePlan makes it easier for staff to keep to the correct minimum display quantities (MDQs) on shelves. Similarly, BakePlan measures the success in terms of sales and waste of bakery products in aisle-ends and secondary display units outside the in-store bakery area.


Improve freshness and quality

With BakePlan’s predictions, in-store bakery staff are guided through each day’s peaks and troughs of demand. This means that products are fresher throughout the day, leading to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and conversion in this competitive sector. 


Increase basket spend

By putting the right goods on sale at the right times in the right positions, sales are optimised with each production wave, boosting basket spend. Head office sets rules based on actual sales data having considered the profitability of each SKU. Suggested orders can be adjusted for local factors and the weather.

With BakePlan, you can improve the availability of high volume, high margin lines and minimise wastage on lower volume, lower margin items. Head office monitors orders and outcomes in order to refine BakePlan’s algorithms, improving the profitability of each line even further.

BakePlan also gives you the ability to easily monitor the success (or otherwise) of in-store bakery promotions and cross/up-selling strategies.


Ensure staff compliance

Most retailers have no means of monitoring compliance to food production plans, i.e. ensuring that colleagues make the products that the business needs them to make.This is a real problem. Even if a retailer has excellent plans designed to control waste, these are worthless if they are ignored by their staff. BakePlan has been designed so that bakery staff not only buy into the solution; they are obliged to stick to its recommended bake plans.


Cloud-based, secure and easy to use

BakePlan is an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution hosted on the Microsoft Azure Platform. It integrates with any ERP or business management application. Automated backups and security come as part of the service. Instore works on any web-connected device – PDA, phone, tablet, PC.


Easy to integrate, off-the-shelf solution

With BakePlan, there’s no need to reconfigure your ERP system or hire consultants to install high-cost ERP add-ons. BakePlan is an off-the-shelf solution that has been designed for fast implementation. The result of our industry expertise, BakePlan is a clearly defined application with strong business benefits that uses microservices to deliver proven results.

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